第26回 回向(まわしてむかわす)

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Eko (turn and send)

“Numazu Sermon Café”
Thank you for your cooperation, and I will be participating in this event in October of this year. (See photo for details)

I believe that there were many challenges and challenges that transcended sectarian boundaries, but I sincerely respect the committee’s ability to execute.

With such enthusiasm and hardship, I wondered, “What kind of story should I talk about?”
For example, this blog is hit and miss, for better or for worse…
One could also say that it’s a piece of content that somehow conveys the chief priest’s quirks and personality.

However, in the case of this “Homon Cafe”, that is not the case.

So, not yet? already? It was 5 months ago, but I would like to think about it for a while.

◯The main premise is that it is a cafe for “sermons”

It seems that dancers and acquaintances also come to listen, but the original purpose is probably to talk about Buddhism.
Basically, I would like to introduce the teachings of Buddha (Buddha), the sutras (Dharma) that put those teachings into writing, and from my perspective, the words of Nichiren Shonin.

◯What do you want to hear?

There are pros and cons, but Nichiren Saint has been told many times to spread the word'', andnot to talk about it” is not an option.
However, you also want to avoid “talking about what you’re good at.” It’s not a lecture.

So, if you have something you would like to talk about, please let me know.
Since we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face and interact with each other in an atmosphere that is similar to everyday life, I would like to discuss what you are looking for in a way that is close to what you are looking for.

◯Story that is easy to tell to people

Even if I come up with a story that I want to hear or find interesting, I don’t want it to end with “Oh, that was fun.”

I want it to be something I can share when I get home or meet up with neighbors.

The sutras we read are filled with things (merits) that we are very grateful for, and by reading them, we first receive those merits. Then, if it is a memorial service, the merits can be distributed to the ancestors, or if it is a prayer, it can be directed to the person praying. This is a Buddhist teaching called “eko”.
To achieve this, we need to make it easy to understand and talk to people.

*It’s a little difficult to understand the nuances, but it’s a little different to act thinking, “I’m doing something great, so I’ll be rewarded with virtue.”

So, what kind of preparations should we make to meet everyone in October?
We will release it little by little in the future.

I have had the experience of being encouraged by a simple word or action.
Maybe… I hope I can be a little bit of encouragement to someone.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you the process. I hope that even a little bit of “eko” will reach you.